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On last 14th October 2017, we had our Kotlin Kolkata Meetup at Nasscomm Start-Up Ware House Kolkata. And obviously, the event was a success. Despite we had less number of attendants as compared to our last event in July (we had more than 20 attendees on that event), the reason may be that the Durga Puja Hangover is still there in Kolkata.

So here are the project files and slides I used in the Meetup.

Simple Kotlin Project in Intellij Idea (Only contains two Kotlin Files) –

The Android Project for ToDoApp (only the ToDo Listing) –

The Silde by JetBrains for Kotlin Workshops (I may use the same slide for future Kotlin meetups as well) –

Subscribe to our YouTube Channel to get videos of our meetup. We are planning to release video tutorials on Kotlin at our channel as well. –

.We are planning for our next meetup soon in November and will let you know, follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay informed.

I would like to end this post with a thanking note to Arihant Kothari and Nasscomm Startup Warehouse Kolkata for hosting us.

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